The Bone Anvil is a BoneCraft block that functions as an expanded crafting table. The Bone Anvil can be used to make all normal crafting recipes, special BoneCraft recipes, repair recipes for BoneCraft items and some BoneCraft enchantment recipes.

As a general rule, any BoneCraft recipe that requires Diamonds and/or Obsidian will need to be performed on a Bone Anvil. Otherwise, they can be performed on a normal crafting table.

Repairing Edit

In order to repair a BoneCraft item, place the damaged item into the repair slot and the repair materials into the 3x3 crafting grid. The repair materials for any given piece of equipment will consist of one of each

Repair Recipe for a Gilded Iron Aruval

type of item that is used to create it. For example, a Bone Chestplate would require 1 bone to repair, while a Gilded Diamond Skull Helmet would require 1 bone, 1 leather, 1 iron ingot, 1 gold ingot, and 1 diamond to repair. Macuahuitls are currently the only exception to this. Bone Macuahuitls require 2 of each material, while Wooden Macuahuitls cannot be repaired at all.

Repair recipes will generally restore 25% of the equipment's base durability, meaning a Diamond Mattock

Repair recipe for a Bone Macuahuitl

that has been reduced to 10% durability will be repaired to 35%. Items can be repaired an infinite number of times, with the only limiting factor being the amount of materials possessed by the player.

All repair recipes are shapeless and can only be performed on a Bone Anvil.

Crafting RecipeEdit

Bone Anvil

The Bone Anvil.

The Bone Anvil is made by placing 3 Diamond Blocks, 4 Bone Blocks, an Enchanting Table, and an Anvil into the crafting table like so.