Aruvals are weapons that are similar to swords, but are slightly stronger and can cut through leaves more quickly without being damaged. Aruvals cannot cut through webs quickly or block.

Aruvals are made by combining any handle with any blade.

Vanilla weapon stats
Name Base Damage Durability Enchantability
Wooden Sword 4 59 15
Iron Sword 6 250 14
Diamond Sword 7 1561 10

Aruval stats
Name Base Damage Durability w/ Bone Handle Durability w/ Gold Handle Enchantability w/ Bone Handle Enchantability w/ Gold Handle
Iron Aruval 7 300 350 16 20
Diamond Aruval 8 1600 1650 12 18
Obsidian Aruval 9 1200 1300 15


Crafting RecipeEdit


The three Bone Handled Aruvals

The Bone Aruvals are made using a Aruval blade of any kind with a Bone Handle.